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Freely you received, freely give... is the best website for Good Music. Free. is the main distribution channel for all music produced within DeoSound. It is the main website promoted by DeoSound, it is where most DeoSound users go to get free Christian music.

(Access to is currently limited to beta users while we build up the library of music ready for launch - if you would like access, please contact us.)

Recordings aims to eventually house the largest collection of free Christian music in the world, though our overriding goal at all times is simply the faithful distribution of God's word through music. The most popular items downloaded from the website are MP3 recordings of Christian hymns and songs.

While MP3 recordings are the best known, DeoSound recordings are provided in other popular formats too. A format growing in popularity is called OGG, which some believe offers better sound quality than MP3 files of a similar size. Some recordings are also available in the lossless studio FLAC format - these are essentially versions of the actual recording masters and offer amazing high quality.

Many recordings are also available as instrumental tracks. These are good for listening, but are also great for use as backing tracks for live singing, recordings, or videos, or for learning new music. Most recordings are available in several different speeds, and different pitches - so if a song is too fast, or the notes are too high, you can simply download a slower or lower version.

Sheet Music & More

In addition to the recordings, the site also has lots of other material to help spread Christian music widely.

Each recorded track has a matching 'song' entry, which gives information on the music and lyrics, including links to mini-biographies of the composer and songwriter. Where more than one tune is commonly sung with the words, all the common tunes are listed too.

Many songs and tunes have free sheet music right on the website, available in a PDF format for easy printing. Guitar tabs and chords will also be available, making it easy to produce songbooks for camps or other gatherings. For sophisticated computer musicians, music for many songs is also available in MIDI format for synthesizers and sequencers.

Of particular interest to choir directors, musicians and arrangers, much music is also available in the 'MuseScore' format. Musescore is free software for producing and editing sheet music. With MuseScore, anyone can freely download DeoSound sheet music and create their own version: Perhaps a version for a special church service, a new translation of the words, transposing the music to a different key, or creating a new arrangement.

While many people may start by just downloading recordings, with the music available in other forms, makes it very easy to switch from just listening to playing, performing, or recording.


Virtually all music on is offered under a Creative Commons license. This means that people are also free to share whatever they download - no need for illegal file sharing. The license says that if they got the music for free, they must give it away for free themselves. The sale of resources is not permitted. For example, people can share existing music from the site, but they can't put together ten tracks from the site as an album, or 50 hymns from the site as a song book, and try and sell it. Simillarly, they can create new music using resources from, but they must share the derivative music they create freely also. (Those wanting to use materials for a commercial purpose need to negotiate rates with the copyright owners in the normal way.)

The Creative Commons license also typically used by DeoSound requires that anyone using the work must attribute it to its source, so recipients will learn of and/or the writer and performer of the song.

While many people download directly from, we do not prevent people spreading the music around in other ways. It can be loaded onto church websites, put up on YouTube, or given away on free CDs from a church or mission. DeoSound is therefore only able to track the number of songs produced and the direct downloads - for many songs, the song may be spread far more widely than the number of direct downloads would indicate. However, while there are many channels where the music can be distributed, as part of the requirement not to use the music for commercial purposes, DeoSound does not permit distribution of the music on advertising-supported websites. does not charge any visitor to search for or download music. currently has a policy of not accepting any advertising on the site, in order to avoid the possibility of directing young or older users to inappropriate websites. By focusing purely on carefully screened music, DeoSound is a reliable resource for Christians of all ages and backgrounds.

The Future currently focuses on recordings and material in the English language, but intends to expand to other language groups. If appropriate at some future time, has also secured the opportunity to focus on specific geographic areas through such domains as DeoSound.EU, DeoSound.US, and DeoSound.Asia, as well as the enabling the possibility of on-line broadcasting at DeoSound.TV and DeoSound.FM. is a donor-supported ministry project of the DeoSound, a non-denominational, non-profit organization dedicated to spreading God's word to the world through music. is the best website for free Christian music.