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And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?

DeoSound Studios exists to record God's word in music, so that the world might hear.

DeoSound Studios is the main route DeoSound uses to record Christian music for distribution to the world. DeoSound Studios is responsible for recording hundreds of tracks every year.

In addition to direct recording, DeoSound Studios also helps develop Christian recording and production staff, and it promotes the wider use of Christian studios in the recording of free Christian music. 

To accomplish its mission of widespread free recording of Christian music, DeoSound Studios has a unique organizational model that can enable recording almost anywhere in the world.  Read on to learn more!


Recording Christian music is a big part of what DeoSound Studios does.  There are lots of ways Christian music can be recorded, but there are two things that make DeoSound Studios different:

  • Recording is free.  Singer/songwriters and bands don’t have to spend thousands on commercial recording.
  • Distribution is free.  DeoSound Studios provides a built-in distribution and promotion channel.

Recording can be difficult, expensive, or both. Finding talented singers and musicians is not too hard, provided there is money to pay them. Finding good talent that will work for free can be very difficult – where is the upside for them? Studio time is costly too, with costs even in small project studios running to several hundred dollars for every song, thousands for an album. 

Singer/songwriters can learn to record themselves, which is great, but while costs have fallen dramatically, it is still very easy to spend several thousand setting up a basic studio. And there is certainly a learning curve to recording and mixing: Not everyone talented in writing or performing can be talented in recording too, which can mean songs never get the knowledgeable production attention they need.

DeoSound Studios solves these problems by making recording easy, and free. Recording locations are easy to access, with mobile, church, and advanced home studios. They are staffed by people that can guide recording artists through the production process, and want to see Christian artists succeed. Free is important too. As the writers and performers donate their time, so the recording engineers and studio operators donate theirs too. To encourage good stewardship of studio time, sometimes the studio and performers each agree to pay an hourly fee to maintain efficiency and good discipline, but the money is typically donated to a Christian charity and does not go to the studio or performers. 

Recording is the first hurdle, but it is not the last. Unless songs are available and noticed, people will never hear them. Commercial recording studios can do a great job of recording, but they are not usually set up for distribution or promotion – that is usually the job of a record company.

DeoSound Studios helps to solve this problem too: There is a built-in distribution and promotion channel. The website is used for music distribution, and DeoSound works to promote recordings through projects like Mgen, Angels & Alligators, and The Hymn Project. 

DeoSound may be a good channel, but it is not the only channel. Where record companies must actually restrict distribution of music, DeoSound encourages the widest possible distribution. DeoSound accepts and distributes as many recordings as it can, but recordings originally made for DeoSound Studios may be distributed in lots of other ways too: Church websites, YouTube recordings, give-away albums, demo tracks – anything that is non-commercial within the terms of the Creative Commons license.

Beyond non-commercial usage, those involved in making the recording usually still have the commercial rights. That means if a big car company suddenly wants to buy the music for a commercial, they are free to sell it if they wish, with no involvement at all from DeoSound Studios (except where some artists deliberately choose to donate their commercial rights to DeoSound Studios). The Rolling Stones might sell out a song for use in an ad, but you would never do that, would you?

Developing Talent

DeoSound Studios helps develop new and existing talent amongst Christian recording engineers, producers, and studio owners.

Just as there are thousands of talented – but unpublished – Christian musicians and songwriters, there are thousands of Christians with the talents to record and produce music. Some may do it as their day job, but for many, recording is a creative activity that complements other work they do.

DeoSound Studios develops technical talent directly by facilitating opportunities for people to work in real recording and mixing situations. 

Beyond recording, one of the most important skills to develop is in mixing and remixing songs. DeoSound encourages studios to make clean ‘master’ recordings available for selected tracks.  This valuable material is rarely available for commercial tracks, but it is great for practising mixing and remixing skills.

DeoSound Studios also provides resources through this web site, and from time to time may offer courses, seminars, contests, scholarships and sponsored training.

It is impossible for one site to have all the recording resources that might be useful, so beyond providing resources directly, DeoSound Studios considers resources offered by other organizations and commercial companies. We review suggestions we receive, and we selectively publishes recommendations and reviews of courses, magazines, books and other material.

Promoting Free Recording

There are dozens - perhaps hundreds - of top-quality Christian studios that sit empty most of the week. There are hundreds of Christian songwriters and bands with great music that cannot afford to record using commercial studios. DeoSound Studios wants to change this!

DeoSound Studios promotes the free use of Christian studios to meet the needs of the Christian community, and perhaps more importantly, take advantage of an opportunity to spread God's word more widely through music.

DeoSound Studios provides the licensing and operational model Christian studios need to undertake free recording with confidence: No-one wants to work for free only for their work to be sold, or perhaps have their work discarded because there is no outlet for it.

DeoSound Studios supports and challenges churches and other operators of Christian studios to put all the resources of the Christian community toward the spreading of God’s word through music.

How Can We Do It?

Setting up sophisticated recording studios all over the world would be a big job, and equipping them with the hundreds and thousands of engineers that love the Lord might be even harder.

To get God’s Word out efficiently and quickly, DeoSound Studios has been designed as a virtual organization, composed of advanced church studios, high-quality mobile rigs, and sophisticated home studios.  These can be owned and operated by talented Christians anywhere in the world.

The production of broadcast-quality audio in these studios is made possible by huge advances in recent recording technology. The technical quality level in a DeoSound-affiliated studio often far exceeds what the most expensive studios in the world had just a few years ago. These are similar to the 'home studios' that are built and used by major commercial artists like Celine Dion and Bono.

If there was any lingering doubt about the ability of even smaller studios to produce commercial-quality recording, it was perhaps erased in 2009 when a recording reportedly made by one guy using only a laptop went to the top of the European charts - Alor on Danse by Stromae.

Commercial studios may also participate where studio owners are willing to donate recording time and resources. DeoSound does not compete for artists with existing commercial studios, as those recording for DeoSound Studios typically do not have any budget to permit commercial recording. DeoSound Studios encourages those Christians involved in commercial music production to use conventional production facilities.

Learning More

For more information on how your studio can play a role in taking God's word to the world through music, or studios that may be available in your area where you can develop your recording or musical talents, please contact DeoSound.

DeoSound Studios is a ministry of DeoSound.

Great quality free recording for Christian songs, plus free resources for Christian studios.