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Now the crowd were bringing even infants to Jesus that He might touch them. When the disciples saw it, they rebuked them.

But Jesus called the children to him, saying, “Let the children come to me, and do not get in their way; for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”

Angels & Alligators lets children meet their Saviour through music.

Jesus has always called children to Him. There is something wonderful about His love for them, even before they can properly understand. And something inspiring about that child-like faith and trust children give to Jesus in response. No wonder Jesus goes on to say that it is impossible for us to enter the kingdom of God unless we respond in that simple way too.

Jesus is waiting with arms wide open, and children are eager to embrace Him. We too, want our children to meet the Saviour: The one Rock that we know our children can depend on whatever our hopes and fears in an uncertain world. We definitely don’t want to get in their way!

Meeting God Through Music

God has provided many ways for us to help children learn to know Jesus. For children especially, one of the very best ways is through music.

Just as there are many aspects to God’s personality, there are many forms of childrens’ music to let them come to Him:

  • God is a protector – Lullabies bring words of assurance and confidence
  • God is the creator of everything good and fun – Animal and action songs
  • God is faithful – Stories through song of how He has saved His people
  • God is a dependable friend – How the many Bible heroes followed Him
  • God is a Saviour – What Jesus has done for us
  • God is always fair and loving – How we can trust Him
  • God is perfect - How He wants us to live.

Angels & Alligators works to make great childrens’ music available to let children come to Jesus. Parents, grandparents, friends, nurseries, Sunday schools – from cot to church to those long car rides – there are lots of people and places that can help bring kids and Jesus together.

Right From The Beginning

Children are never too young to enjoy music – you’ve might have met those expectant mothers that will tell you how their child reacts to music before they are even born! Officially though, the Angels & Alligators age range starts at zero, and runs roughly through age ten. There are of course children under ten that listen to lots of other styles of music, and people much older that continue to enjoy the simple and timeless messages of this music.

As the messages are timeless, so much Angels & Alligators music comes from classics that are timeless too. However, there are ‘classics’ from many different cultures, languages, and musical traditions, so the collection contains an ever-widening variety. Angels & Alligators also works with composers and musicians to promote the writing and recording of brand-new childrens’ music.

One thing that can come as a shock to new parents is the sheer cost of kids. The last thing young families need is another expense. That’s one reason why all music from Angels & Alligators is completely free.

What’s more, you can share any Angels & Alligators with your moms’ group, dads’ outing, or your child’s entire playgroup: We actually encourage you to copy the music and give it away!

The only thing we ask is that it not be sold or used for commercial purposes – the songwriters and performers have offered it freely as part of their ministry, that money never stand in the way of children meeting their Lord Jesus. You can read more about licensing here.

Where it's from, how to get it

We are currently in the process of producing the first collection of our childrens' material. As soon as it is ready, it will be made available through our distribution website at You can leave an e-mail address if you would like to be notified of new releases and DeoSound events.

You will eventually find many songs and full albums suitable for fun times, quiet times, learning times, and teary times. All the music is available for easy download. Our future plans include CDs suitable for thoughtful gift giving, and streaming internet radio.

Angels & Alligators is a ministry project of the DeoSound, supported by donors that recognize the value in taking God's word to the world through music.

And just where did that name come from? Learn more here!

God loves children! Laughter to lullabies, we can share his love for them through music.