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Sing to the Lord a new song!
Sing His praise from the end of the earth!

Composer Central supports, encourages and develops Christian songwriters.

God has lavished all kinds of gifts on His people, and we are blessed to have so many gifted with musical talents who have written great words and melodies down through the ages.

We believe that God continues to bless us today with Christian composers.

You may be gifted, you might have wonderful technology, and you may see big opportunity - but it may still look pretty hard to get running, and take flight. Composer Central is here to help you on your way, as you seek to serve the Lord as a Christian songwriter.

No Business Like Show Business

The music business has a well-deserved reputation for being a tough place. Until you are already successful, it's pretty hard to get noticed. And impossible to be successful without being noticed. Success generally equals money, and those values may conflict with the ministry God has gifted you for.

Every past generation of writers has faced their challenges too. None of those challenges stopped Fanny Crosby from writing more than 5,000 (!) songs. DeoSound believes today's challenges shouldn't stop you either.

As His ways are higher than our ways, His definition of success can be quite different from ours. Composer Central is not geared to making you rich. Instead, everything is set up for you to use those writing talents God has given you to build his Church.

That's not to say Composer Central may not be a stepping-stone to something else God has in mind for you - fame as a musician, or martyrdom as a missionary - but the starting point with God is always being obedient in doing our work, and leaving the results in his hand.There's also lot of competition and commercial pressure. Unfortunately there are no guarantees that the 'best' songs will ever break through. The harsh reality is most songs never make to a real studio, and few are ever published as sheet music or in song books.

A Composition Fit for the King

Composer Central is the place for the training, tools, articles, resources and connections you need to be a successful songwriter for the King. Our collection of resources will grow over time: Perhaps some of the best resources will actually come from you as you put your gifts to work as God intends.

Composer Central can help you write your songs, and if that lets you praise God loudly as you stand in the shower, that is truly great. You are using your gift, and it is returning praise to God. Our mission is to help you take your song beyond the shower or Sunday service - seeing them recorded, having them published for others to use, and blessing hearts and lives around the world.

Resources at Composer Central are organized around the life of a song:

  • Writing
  • Licensing
  • Distribution
  • Recording
  • Publishing

Articles, courses, events and services will be available over time through Composer Central in each of these areas.


Composer Central resources are generally made freely available to help you develop your craft for the glory of God. You are also free to share them with others, within the terms of the licensing, and provided that you do not charge for them or use them for commercial purposes.

Where the cost to us of certain resources prevents us from giving them away, which is typically for courses or seminars that involve rentals, travel, or paid speakers, or services where we must pay an external provider, we aim to keep prices as low as we can. We also try to offer scholarships, awards and contest prizes wherever we can, so that no-one that can benefit from these resources is excluded. If the cost of a resource becomes a barrier to you, or you have ideas on how we can further reduce prices, please do contact us.

You may be able to help us reach more songwriters: All our resources are funded by generous donors that recognize the value in spreading God's word through music, and if God has gifted you with money as well as talent, we invite you to join them.

External Resources

In addition to our own resources, we may also review or recommend books, courses, websites and other materials that may be useful. Composer Central never has a commercial interest (if we ever do, we will declare it), so you know our opinions haven't been swayed. Whether our opinions are any use to you is something you'll have to judge!

Composer Central recognizes scriptural integrity as absolutely fundamental to our lives, so it follows that faithfulness to scriptural principles is fundamental to good songs and songwriting resources too. But all good gifts come from God, and He is generous with musical gifts both inside and outside the Christian community. When Composer Central recommends external resources they may not be explicitly Christian, so you need to take care to guard your heart and mind appropriately.

You can play a part in helping your fellow songwriters here: If you come across a resource that you find useful - a magazine, seminar, website - let us know so we can follow up on it, and let others know too.

The Next Step

If you are gifted and called to write songs, take up your calling with joy, care, and diligence. If you have a song in your heart and aren't sure where to start, why not begin with our writers' guide?

Composer Central is a ministry project of the DeoSound. For further information on Christian songwriting, or supporting Christian songwriting, please contact us.

Copyright to composition, tools to techniques, everything is here to help composers praise the King of Glory.

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