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Songwriting Workshop 1: First Things First

You've settled in, grabbed a coffee, and we're ready to start.

You've brought along your workshop song. You are happy it is pretty much done.

Don't panic, but let's go right back to the beginning, and ask a pretty fundamental question:

Why do you think you should write this song at all?

People write songs for lots of reasons. Someone might want to be a star on MTV. Another might dream of royalty cheques flowing in.

Either way, typical songwriters need to write what people want to hear.

What makes Christian songwriting different?

Writing a great Christian song is much harder. You still need to write what people want to hear, but you also have to write what people need to hear.

That is a very tall order.

To prepare yourself, you need to consider three questions:

  1. Are you ready to write?
  2. Why are you writing?
  3. Who are you writing for?

Getting the right answer to each of these questions is critical to your song. Let's look at each of them in detail.

Next part: Are you ready to write?

On your mark!
Get set!

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