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Praise Around the Planet

"The chief end of man is to glorify God, and enjoy him forever."

Our God is worthy of all our praise. We were made to glorify Him. And when we do what we were designed to do - when we fulfill our purpose - that is when we are truly fulfilled, and God is glorified.

Man has been praising God and enjoying Him since Adam's first breath. That spark became a flame that has never died out: There has not been a single generation where God's praise has not been sung. Praise is an amazing chain that we can be part of in our own time, and a living torch we can pass down to those in the years or centuries long after we've gone.

Yet praise - our response to God and his love - is also a torch that we will pick up again, that will last not just into the future, but for all eternity. There are all kinds of songs that help us praise God. Songs that God uses to set us on the road toward our true purpose. We are to speak, teach, and admonish one another using psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. It's at the core of our identity as followers of Jesus.

Praising God is at the heart of Planet Praise: An ambitious undertaking to gather words, sheet music and recordings for 10,000 hymns, and make them freely available to everyone in the world. Every time your heart sings to your Creator, you are part of this incredible unbroken chain of praise.

Praising God yourself, for who He is and for what He has done, is your most important job. Thousands of free recordings from Planet Praise may help you. If you play, sing, or write music, God may have extra things for you to do. You may be leading worship in a cathedral or around a campfire. Or spreading the Word, scripture truths in song. Or making recordings and sheet music available to the world through Planet Praise.

Help People Praise God

Getting involved is easier than you might think. And you can have a big impact in a short time.

Learn more about where your skills can help others around the world praise the King of Kings:

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From campfire to cathedral, praise is what we were made for. Planet Praise is taking 10,000 hymns to the world.