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Music By Sinners

If only perfect Christians could be used by God to create music, there wouldn’t be any music at all. 

The lives of those that compose, perform or record music from DeoSound will always fall far short of what God requires.  Everyone involved in every song will have sinned before, during, and after playing their part.  DeoSound therefore does not attempt to restrict participation based on any standard of personal perfection, or of the apparent worthiness of an individual and their Christian walk.  Instead, we focus on the message within the music, and attempt to ensure that it is consistent with both God’s word and his character. 

This challenge is not new.  The question of whether works can be separated from the person has arisen in times past.  Work that is biblically sound and appears to have been inspired by God has historically been used in the church, even when it was widely known  the creator of the work was not living up to Christian ideals.  In at least one notable cases, a celebrated hymn writer appeared to completely lose his faith in later years, yet his hymns are still recognized as a blessing to the church.  It has doubtless also been where someone has become notorious for their conduct, their conduct has sometimes prevented their work from being used because their work becomes too closely associated with the person and their deeds, instead of the intended thoughts focused on God.

DeoSound approaches the production of music as a minister might approach a sermon – the preacher will be a sinner, but the message can still be faithful to God and his word. 

We seek the faithfulness of the messages by requiring those responsible for overseeing, selecting and editing works to subscribe to orthodox Christian belief.  This group includes our directors, leadership, and all staff and volunteers involved in selecting, editing or otherwise influencing the spiritual content.  This group annually reaffirms their commitment to core beliefs by signing our statement of faith, as well as a lifestyle statement that reflects historical Christian expectations of life and witness.  This does not mean that these people are sinners any less, but it does mean they agree to uphold Christian ideals, allow themselves to be corrected if they fall, and stand aside if they are unable or unwilling to uphold Christian standards.

Other contributors to DeoSound, including composers, musicians, singers, engineers and many other staff and volunteers, may also have orthodox Christian beliefs.  However, we do not attempt to impose any requirement to that effect, and it is possible for those with other beliefs – or no belief – to contribute in roles that do not influence the spiritual content.  We believe there is nothing that is truly good that does not come from God, and that He will use the gifts He has given to fulfill His purposes regardless of who He has given them to.

DeoSound music is music by sinners, for sinners.  But it is also music dedicated to God, written, performed and sent around the world with the intention of giving God glory.  As in all human endeavors, our very best work is less than nothing unless it is blessed by God.  

Where God chooses to work through sinful humans that seek Him, and seek to spread His word, we trust that God's word will accomplish the purposes for which He sent it - even when it is music by sinners.

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