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Call out for insight
   and cry aloud for understanding,
And if you look for it as for silver
   and search for it as for hidden treasure,
Then you will understand the fear of the LORD
   and find the knowledge of God.

Mgen: God's word to youth through music.

From long before Proverbs was written, youth have struggled to make sense of the world, and how they fit into it. Young adults today have more challenges than ever.

God is ready to answer the tough questions. He provides not only the meaning to life, but life itself, and a reason for living. His love gives that critical sense of identity, security, and belonging.

Mgen delivers what the God of the whole universe knows is most important to young adults: Knowledge of Him, His ways, and His love.   Mgen's purpose is to develop Christian musicians, producers, and bands, and enable them to take God's word to the media generation through music.

Write them on the tablet of your heart

God doesn't make a secret of what it takes for a truly successful life. He gives us the words of life, and instructs us to keep His word deep in our hearts and our souls. Because he knows we tend to wander, He goes further: We need to fix His word on our hands, mark it on our foreheads, teach them to our children, talk of them when we're at home or out and about, even write them on our doorposts.  

God says if we want Him - His wisdom, His leadership, His guidance - we need to be completely immersed in His word from the time we get up to the time we fall asleep.

That's hard for anyone. For teens and young adults with hectic lives, it sounds almost impossible.  How could God possibly reach teens for all that time?  

Music, Music and More Music

Many teens will spend more hours listening to music than any other single activity, except maybe sleeping!

Music has always been popular. With the explosion of iPods, cellphones with MP3 players, computers, and music on YouTube, young adults spend more time with music than ever before.  Music is not a replacement for reading or worshiping, but it does provide busy teens critical time needed for God's word.

Music is also a great medium. Music already challenges, inspires, questions, relaxes. Music is already going to spend hours and hours bringing them messages - the only question is whether the music will bring messages that hurt, or messages that heal.

'Good' music - music with God at its heart - can bring God's word to touch the heart, mind and soul.

Good music may sometimes quotes scripture. But even though music might not always hit people over the head with the Bible, truly 'good' music always reflects scripture: Scripture reflects God, and only God is good. There is nothing that is truly good that does not have its origins in God.

It might take two or three times listening to an Mgen track to understand the message that's there. The songs don't shy away from the things young adults worry about, because those are the same things their Father wants to talk to them about. But however deep or sharp the messages may be, they are always intended to be completely consistent with God and His word.

Money To Burn

Some young people have lots of money, others not so much.

Whether they have money to burn buying music, they definitely have money to burn or rip music. The fact is, most of the media generation is pretty comfortable stealing music. It's so widely accepted most would not consider it stealing at all, even though the courts do.

It would be a problem if money stopped some people from accessing God's word through music. It would also be a problem for Mgen to encourage stealing as a habit, and theft is not a good way to spread God's word.

Mgen has a simple solution to both these problems: All Mgen music is completely free.  

It cannot be stolen. It can be burned, ripped, remixed and totally pumped. It can be posted on the Internet, spread through file sharing, downloaded from a friend's phone. It is all totally free, and all completely legal.  In fact the only restriction is that it cannot be sold or used for commercial purposes.

If a song falls in the forest...

If a song is never heard, is it still a song? Well, yes, if it's been composed to God's glory it will always have value as a song. But if it is never heard, it may not do the good God intends for His word to do.

Everyone likes to think of themselves as completely independent free thinkers. The media generation may be pretty knowledgeable of how marketing is used to drive demand, and even more conscious about wanting to buck the trends. But what the media generation actually listens to still depends a lot on what other people are listening to: Friends at school, what's on the radio, wherever there is 'buzz', what has 'gone viral' on the Internet. Like it or not, promotion does get things noticed.

Mgen recognizes the value in promotion, and works to make listening to 'good' music not only respectable, but cool.

Of course there are versions of 'cool' that depend on temptation or sin, and whether its power, lust or hate, no-one is drawn closer to truth by miring them in muck. Mgen may be edgy, but takes care not to go over the edge. Those that have grown immune to the parade of celebrities relishing drugs, sex or violence might find Mgen a little tame. Those with pure hearts may be challenged sometimes, but they can still have confidence that Mgen works hard to avoid making anyone stumble.

Mgen works with songwriters, artists and bands on positive promotion that honours God, and acknowledges the purpose of good music is always to glorify God and never glorify people.  Positive promotion gets their music noticed, and music that gets noticed gets listened to. God's word that gets listened to changes hearts, and changes lives.

Mgen Today

God's word, free to flow onto the iPods and into the hearts of the media generation. A huge need, and a huge opportunity.

Fortunately, God has prepared lots of talented songwriters, singers, and musicians. You may be one.

Mgen is currently at the stage of identifying bands and songwriters. Whether you are sixteen or sixty, if you write songs or have a band, and you have a heart to reach out to future generations with God's word, Mgen might be the home for you.

To explore the possibilities, get yourself on the Mgen radar screen by signing up here.  

Mgen is a ministry project of the DeoSound.

Mgen.  God's word in music for the media generation.