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The Media Generation

More hours of music than school.

Amazing, but true. According to a major study by xxx, an average high schooler will spend more than xxxx hours listening to music. That's more music than the xxxx hours spent in class, and that doesn't include time spent watching TV or other media.

Teens learn lots from hours in class. Teens will learn lots from hours immersed in music. Will all those hours of music build them up, send them drifting sideways, or tear them down?

Mgen brings God to teens through music and media.

  • Recording and distributing good music - All legal, and all free
  • Encouraging teen song writers and musicians to put their talents at God's service
  • Promoting live music that spreads the Good News and strengthens Christian teens

Mgen also plays an educational role, helping teens analyze the marketing and cultural forces that influence music, so they can discern the good, the bad, and the ugly. Mgen works to make relevant educational materials available through high schools, youth groups, camps and other channels.

While the music and media must be modern, the strength for teens in a changing and uncertain world is in the God that is always relevant and always loving, but never changing. God directed his people to write his word on their doorposts and on their hearts. To talk about it when we get up, and when we go to bed. To dwell on things that are good, pure, right, and holy. Mgen is totally up to date, but totally committed to faithfulness in delivering God's saving, unchanging, and life-changing word.


A media generation like never before. A generation loved and sought by God like always before.

How can God use you to reach them?  

If you compose, play, sing, record - or pray - there is a role for you in Mgen.  Learn more by contacting DeoSound.

More hours of music than school - what will teens learn? How God is reaching the media generation through Mgen.

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