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This ended July 21, 2011
Hamilton Organ Festival

Make a joyful noise to the LORD, all the earth:
  make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.

Sing to the LORD with the harp;
  with the harp, and the voice of a psalm.

With trumpets and sound of cornet
  make a joyful noise before the LORD, the King.

Praise to the Lord!

It's impossible to give God the praise he truly merits, but a glorious pipe organ gives it a good try!

Of course even the best organ is silent without a talented musician to play it. The Hamilton Organ Festival encourages the development of organists, many of whom lead worship in churches right across Canada, and far beyond.

As a growing on-line resource for Christian musicians, it is especially appropriate that DeoSound is the sponsor of the festival workshop 'Organists Online: Internet Resources for Musicians', offered by Nicolas Fairbank.

DeoSound provides resources and opportunities for Christian musicians of all kinds, from traditional organs and choirs, through worship bands, to promoting the free availability of Christian music on the internet. DeoSound can also offer free professional-quality recording - read on!

The Hymn Project

DeoSound is building one of the largest collections of hymn recordings in the world - all to be made freely available on the internet. The Hymn Project facilitates the professional-quality recording of hymn tunes, choral hymns, and sacred music.

The planned collection includes well-known hymn tunes, interesting alternate tunes for classic hymns, plus many great hymns that are only known today within a particular denomination or cultural tradition. To the extent copyrights permit, all the tunes from entire hymnals are recorded and cross-referenced by meter, providing a comprehensive resource for worship, research, choral use, and listening enjoyment.

There are many opportunities to participate in The Hymn Project, in performing tunes for recording, or adding solo or choir choral accompaniment to music. For all those of us that love the music but are not gifted musicians, there are great opportunities in selecting hymns, hymnals, reviewing recordings, and building the library.

Free Recording

If you are an organist with a love of sacred music, DeoSound may be able to arrange for free professional-quality recording. You provide the musical talent, and DeoSound provides the technical talent and mobile equipment.

To provide good variety in the recordings, it is an advantage if you have access to a location with a good-quality organ. Since some recordings are for worship and congregational singing, the organ need not be large or famous! Similarly, if you come from a particular denominational or cultural tradition, it is great if you can suggest tunes for recording. However, if you don't have access to an organ available for recording, or if you don't want to select music, DeoSound may be able to arrange a location for you, and can suggest selections from the hundreds of tunes ready to be recorded.

In return for the free recording, you agree to share your performance for free for non-commercial purposes. You can read more about Creative Commons licensing, but it's an easy process and DeoSound will guide you through it. You - and sometimes the provider of the venue such as your church - retain the commercial rights to the recordings, so you are free to use the recordings for fund-raising or commercial sale. They are of course also available to form part of your portfolio.

Recording is done on-location most frequently in southern Ontario. However, free recording can be made available anywhere in Canada, especially where there is a lot that can be recorded in one city over a few days. One good option can be to work with choirs, soloists or other organists in your area to prepare a number of works for recording at once.

Some Tech Talk

As a musician that loves sacred music, it is important to you that the quality of any recording does justice to the work and the performance. What does 'professional-quality' recording mean for you?

Since DeoSound recordings are available free to anyone in the world, and there are thousands of recordings to make, paid commercial recording is not practical. But that need not limit the quality. You can still get professional-quality recording of your music for free.

DeoSound has access to some of the best mobile recording gear available, often far better for recording organ music than anything available in most churches. Recordings are made with whisper-quiet, six-processor multitrack digital recorders at up to 192K, 24-bit samples per second - quality far higher than a CD or DVD. Special microphones suited to recording organ from companies such as Neuman and AKG have frequency responses octaves lower than conventional church sound systems - critical for a pipe organ - and Soundfield-style multi-capsule microphones such as are used on movie sets can provide 3D sound imaging. Even the microphone stands are just a little out of the ordinary - up to 27 feet tall.

The technical gear is important, but like a great organ with no organist, it is nothing without some technical talent. Just as you contribute your musical talent to the recording, those with technical talent contribute their skills, time and knowledge for free too. The result is a recording that can be as good as the instrument, space and performance can make it. It is free - but it is definitely not cheap.

The professional-quality recordings can be a credit to you, the instrument, the work - and most importantly to the Lord.

Learn More

For more information on The Hymn Project, and how you may get free recording services, please e-mail Hymns [at] DeoSound [dot] org. For more information on the festival, please visit the Hamilton Organ Festival website.

DeoSound is a sponsor and advertiser with 2011 Hamilton Organ Festival. DeoSound and the Hamilton Organ Festival are not otherwise affiliated.

DeoSound is pleased to be a sponsor of the 2011 Organ Festival in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. If you are an organist, learn how you can get professional-quality recording for free.