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This ended April 15, 2011
Battle of the Bands: Toronto 2011

No ordinary battle! This is a chance for God to use your band to take on the world. Planet Praise is taking 10,000 hymns to the world. If your worship band plays some of those fantastic hymns - rocking the house down, or inspiring heartfelt worship - you should be in on this.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to get out more great hymns than any other church in the GTA. Your deadline is April 15, 2011. The contest officially opens January 1, 2011. But read on and discover why you want to start Now.

Free Recording

Free recording for your band will be arranged by DeoSound on location at your church, or DeoSound can arrange a free studio session.  If you have some awesome sound guys at your church and can record to the technical specs, that's great too.  All recording must be complete, and MP3 files in, by May 31, 2011.  

Free Distribution

The great thing about great hymns is that they tell about our great God.  People all around the world need to hear about Him!  DeoSound will take selected hymns and distribute them around the world.  DeoSound believes in Good music. Free.  So just like there is no cost for you to enter or record, anyone in the world will be able to have and to share your music for free.  

If there are commercial rights in your recording, you keep all those.  And if DeoSound arranges recording, you receive a copy of the masters to use as you wish - go ahead and make a CD to sell or demo if you like.

How It Works

It's pretty easy: Choose. Check. Record. Submit. Repeat as desired.

Choose the hymns your church loves  All hymns that are public domain, or under Creative Commons licenses, are eligible.  Basically you can use anything from 1922 or earlier, or anything written after that if you can obtain a CC license.  Think especially of those that might not be so well known outside your church or denomination - they can be a real blessing from you to many others around the world.  Hymns in languages other than English may also be considered, as long as an English translation of the words is provided.  Don't forget to think of the whole year when choosing hymns - Christmas, Easter and other times are all fair game, even if the recording is happening in early summer!

Check the hymns are not taken  Your hymn choice is first-come, first served.  It doesn't help spread God's word to have 10,000 versions of the same hymn, so we can generally only accept one copy of each hymn in any given style.  Choose your hymns early along with the style - acoustic guitar, full electric band, strings, whatever you are planning to do - and e-mail the list to DeoSound.   We will let you know if your choices are already taken.

Record your best  This is a work for the Lord!  It can never be good enough, but it needs to be of our very best.  If you have the choice between doing five hymns really well, or churning out twenty so-so versions, you need to do the five really well.  If we post something that is not great, chances are some band in some other church is going to write us and say they can do better on that hymn.  At the same time, this is music by real people, so don't go so far the other way that is sounds over-produced or artificial.  Let God work in your heart, and sing and play where He leads.

Submit your entries  This is the easiest part. As soon as a track is done, you can submit it to DeoSound. Just remember you'll need to keep track of who did what on each track, and you'll need a copy of the words and music.  Complete instructions will be sent when you send in the list of hymns you'd like us to reserve for your band. 


How To Win

The secret is the 'Repeat' part of the instructions above: The band submitting the most eligible entries wins.

All eligible recordings you submit  - good quality, not a duplicate, copyright in order - will be counted towards your total.  

And The Winner Is...

The winner will be announced in early June, 2011, and published on the website.

Let's Get Started

Pray first.  Then you need a good band, a list of proposed hymns to send in, and an authorized contact person with e-mail address and phone number.  As soon as we confirm there are no duplicates on your list, you can start practicing for your best performance ever.  We'll supply you with everything else you need, like submission forms.

Just a little fine print

DeoSound does not promise all submitted recordings will be distributed, nor can it promise that all offered hymns will be recorded.  DeoSound always has sole discretion over the music it  records and distributes.  DeoSound works with volunteers, and just like you, they always have the creative right to work only on material they believe is appropriate. There is no cash value to any prize. Participants under 18 need written proof of permission from parent/guardian. You must be certain before using your church for recording, or using your church's name in any official way, that you have any permission necessary.

Even if DeoSound doesn't have the capacity, or isn't the right channel, we encourage you to make use of other free channels to spread God's word through music - YouTube, your church website, anywhere.  Before you release anything, we recommend that you look into using Creative Commons licenses to protect your work and ensure that it remains free to everyone.

FAQ - Your question not answered here yet? Let us know!

  1. Can I start before the official start date?
    Yes.  But don't go too far before sending your list in.  For very popular hymns, you choices may not be confirmed until the official start date of January 1, 2011.
  2. Can I submit recordings we have already done, if they are really good?
    Yes, we will create a special category for prior recordings.  
  3. What if we already have hymns ready to record now?
    It's great if you are ready to record early before the rush!.  Let us know and we'll try arrange your sessions(s) as soon as you are ready to go.
  4. How do we know we are ready to record?
    Musicians are their own best (and pickiest) critics.  When your band can play each number consistently time after time, and you can't hear anything bad even when you are trying, and someone that walks into your practice says it sounds awesome, you are ready. Those that haven't recorded before might be a little nervous on the day, so you need to be really tight going in.
  5. Can we overdub? 
    If you are recording yourself, you can do anything to get the result you want.  For recording organized by DeoSound the answer is "Don't count on it".  You should be able to perform the whole track well with all musicians live.  There won't be any Milli Vanilli pitch correction or similar cheats.  In the event that there are acoustic or spill problems, it may be necessary to redo one instrument or a vocal, but the aim here is for 'live' sound.
  6. What if I'm not in Toronto?
    This particular competition is intended for church bands in the Toronto area.  If you are outside the area, but you can arrange your own recording to the standard we need, or you get enough hymns ready so DeoSound can send a mobile unit to your area, chances are you can join in.  If God has given you talent, time and the desire to share the Good News through music, He will provide the right opportunity.  Definitely let us know you are interested and where you are, so we can try plan a future contest with you in mind.
  7. We are a school/youth group/independent band, and not a church band, can we still enter?
    Yes, if you have whatever permissions you need, and a suitable venue for recording.  If you are an independent band, DeoSound has additional options for you, please contact us.
  8. What is the prize?
    Reaching the world with God's good news!  Seriously, using your talents in the service of His kingdom is truly the real prize.  There are some side benefits too, including recognition for your band and your church, free recording that you can sell or use as great-quality demos, and a fun time serving God doing something you love.


Up to a real battle for hearts and souls? If you have a church band that plays great hymns, this is your time to shine. Contest opens January 1, 2011. You want to choose your hymns now!