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Angels or Alligators?

Mommy's shining angel? Daddy's little alligator?

We use all kinds of cute endearments when it comes to kids. Of course, kids are neither angels nor alligators.

God does say that kids are so important, he assigns every child real angels to watch over them. God also tells us that even the cutest kid is born with a nature sharper and more rebellious than an alligator. And he makes his love for them very clear, ready to welcome them with open arms as their truest Father.

Take care that you do not look down on these little ones, for I tell you that their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.

Along with the great gift of children, God gives us awesome responsibilities. As parents, and members of the Christian community, we are responsible for introducing our children to their heavenly father, letting them know that they can trust Him completely, and training them up in the way He knows is the very best for them.

Bible stories, family prayers, learning at Sunday school, worshiping often at church - these are all gifts to us that help us meet our responsibilities. But as any parent knows, music is another great way to reach young children.  Music brings joy, excitement, and often fun and laughter. It can also bring the most important truths we can ever learn: Jesus loves me. 

Lullabies, scripture songs, fun songs, bible story songs, prayers to sing - God gives us all kinds of opportunities to use music let little ones come to Him. The opportunity is there, but the music isn't always there. In a world of TV shows, Happy Meals, and Disney movies, just about everything seems to have a commercial spin.

That's where Angels & Alligators comes in.

Angels & Alligators works with writers and performers to produce great Christian music for kids from zero to ten.  Some of it is fun, some of it is soothing, some is serious.  But all of it is there to help children build and grow their relationship with the Lord.

Music can be expensive, and kids like lots of it, so 100% of Angels & Alligators music is free to download, copy, and give to your friends and other young families.  For those that would like commercial-style CDs to give as gifts, we are working on that too.  But even if you buy a CD, you are still free to copy it, share it on the Internet, whatever you want.  In fact, the only thing you can't do with it is sell it.

If you are an artist with a gift for kids' music, you might like to contribute your talents to this growing ministry.  Angels & Alligators may be able to facilitate recording and production of your music for free.  To learn more, please contact DeoSound.

What a joy to introduce our children to their loving Father. How can we use music to bring the littlest ones to Him?