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Introducing DeoSound

"Good music. Free"

DeoSound brings God’s word to the world through free Christian music. We help bring faith to those that don’t know Jesus, and strengthen the faith of those that already do.

We have three main areas in our ministry:

  • Music Producing, promoting and distributing free Christian music
  • Development Fostering the development of Christian musicians, singers, composers and recording engineers
  • Freeing God's Word Helping the Christian community reach more people with careful copyright when distributing music and ministry materials 

In each ministry area, we create projects and events to fulfill our mission:

Creating Christian Music

Developing Christian Artists

  • Composer Central resources for Christian writers
  • Events for songwriters and performers including training, seminars, concerts and contests

Creative Christian Copyright

We are a support ministry.  We do not evangelise directly.  However, we know God uses our work to evangelise and nurture faith, because He always uses His word to save and sanctify.  Our job is to sow the seeds of faith, and help them grow. It is the role of other ministries to reap. 

We primarily measure our success by our obedience to the great commission.  Go. Tell.  We help God’s word reach everyone, everywhere.  As we work to bring God’s Word to the world, we know that his Word will always accomplish what God intends.  We simply aim to be faithful in our role.  

We also measure our success by the number of people that are able to hear God's word through music for free.  We encourage efficiency by measuring the number of new recordings that we are able to facilitate, and the number of sheet music and recorded music end-users we are able to reach.

We believe technology permits the production and distribution of music with the very highest production values without commercial limitations that restrict the reach of ministry.  DeoSound's vision for artists is that they would not be forced to 'graduate' to commercial music where many compete but few are successful, but instead all that wish to can find continuing creative fulfillment through non-commercial ministry, and many more people are encouraged and saved as a result. We do not  compete with commercial Christian music, which fulfills a different and legitimate role in more costly media productions which require a commercial model, or where the purpose is primarily entertainment.

Our work is currently mainly in English, but we seek to reach all language and cultural groups. If you are part of another language or cultural group, and you would like to help bring them the good news through free music, please contact us. We intend for all music we produce, promote and distribute to be faithful to God’s word, a reliable reflection of who God is, what He has done, and how He loves us.  Whatever the country, from classical to contemporary and rock to reggae, the music, culture and language may change – but the message stays the same.

What we believe

DeoSound believes in the power of God’s saving word in all times and for all generations.  Circumstances, societies, and technologies change. But as humans, our sinful state and our need for salvation never change.  Fortunately, God’s ability and will to save us never changes either.

Admitting sin is never fashionable, and what we are willing to admit is wrong changes all the time.  DeoSound seeks to avoid the whims of short-term changes in fashion.  DeoSound looks to the constancy of the orthodox and historical Christian faith as the source of the truth about our sinful state, the perfect God that cannot be in a relationship with sinful humans, and what He has done to restore our broken relationship with Him.

We subscribe to the Apostles’ Creed, and we accept the authority of God’s word as expressed in scripture.  As a non-denominational Christian ministry, we seek to require only the most critical aspects of faith shared by all Christians, past and present. As such, there are also important differences in belief, but we seek to work together in obedience to God’s call for the sake of His kingdom.  You can read our doctrinal statement  here.

Who we are

DeoSound is an independent, non-denominational, non-profit ministry. 

DeoSound is based in Toronto, Canada.  DeoSound seeks to maintain the highest standards of ethical and financial transparency and accountability. 

How we are supported

DeoSound seeks to make services freely available to all without charge, within the limits of what is technically and financially possible. DeoSound does operate some services, such as seminars and courses, on a partial cost-recovery basis. 

DeoSound is therefore funded substantially by donations from those that support our goal of bring God’s word to millions through music. 

DeoSound operates according to charitable principles, seeking to keep administrative expenses low, and the proportion of funds directed to ministry very high.  Thanks to the efforts of volunteers, currently 100% of donations are applied directly to ministry.

DeoSound's current financial needs do not justify the high administrative overhead in operating in Canada as a registered charity for the purposes of Canadian tax law.  DeoSound also seeks to avoid restrictions on legitimate ministry that can arise from Canadian tax law.  For these reasons, DeoSound chooses not to operate in Canada as a tax charity.  DeoSound  issues receipts for all donations. Donations made to DeoSound are not deductible for tax purposes within Canada.


Working with DeoSound

Many musicians, composers, performers and recording engineers contribute to DeoSound.  That is our most important work, and you can be a part of it.

DeoSound also requires administration and governance to help the ministry remain faithful in following God's call.  Most important for those involved in these areas is a love for God and his word, a recognition of the importance of seeking God’s will through prayer, and a determination to use all the tools God has provided to us in order that we might reach others.  A special concern for Christian youth is also important, as we seek to make available resources that bring young people to God, and keep young people walking with and growing in God. 

DeoSound has a lot of work to do, and we work to perform it as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We welcome a range of skills and knowledge similar to those valued in any well-run ministry or business.  These include financial knowledge, legal expertise, pastoral experience, leadership skills, marketing experience, and sound management.  With complementary knowledge and talents, we both support and hold accountable our administration for the spiritual and financial aspects of ministry.  

More Information

You can learn more about DeoSound and its ministry at, where you can learn about the projects and events God is using to reach people around the world.   

DeoSound seeks the highest standards of financial efficiency, transparency, and accountability. You will also find information on our web site on our operations, beliefs, and policies. Complete financial information is available to all donors upon request, please contact us.

Good music. Free. DeoSound brings God's word to the world through music.